Byron Cortes

“To me, music is a force of nature which is there to be explored and lived above our labels and limits and my happiness resides in discovering, understanding and communicating those parts of music as they are revealed to me.”



Byron Cortés was born in Bogotá - Colombia and grew up surrounded by the afro rhythms of the pacific and atlantic coasts in addition to the tropical music interpreted by the big bands of the time and also the music of central Colombia. This varied palette of music styles which is so common in Colombia awakens his curiosity for the mix and fusion of styles, which he achieves by adding elements of international music styles, namely jazz, the music of Brazil, funk, rock, afro-beat and even classical music to his musical roots. These influences see themselves reflected in his compositions.

He studied music with the bass as principal instrument. After finishing his studies in Bogotá he travelled to Barcelona in order to continue his studies with teachers such as Tom Warburton and Clodulfo Nuñez.

At present he is living in Vienna - Austria where he is the bassist of several bands, e.g. Bongoreggae, Sam Brisbe and One Soul, Sánchez-Cortés-Milencovic Trio (SCM Trio), Nomadenruf, Petaw Band, El Tumbao de Juana. In addition he has participated in other projects like: Courtney Jones and the Funky Calypso Band, Karim Thiam and Voice of Africa, Xhango Selected Headz, De Cordoba, Piotr Acid Jazz Orbits, Amos y loSantos, Solrise.



Amós y loSantos Live @ Music Hall, Barcelona
Amós y loSantos Live @ Music Hall, Barcelona
El final de la era
Sanchez- Cortés-Milenkovic Trio